On International Tea Day, Jin JiJi, an award-winning Indian Dry Gin produced by Peak Spirits in Uttarakhand, extends warmest wishes to all tea enthusiasts around the world. As a brand rooted in the rich heritage of tea, we celebrate the timeless tradition and cultural significance of this beloved beverage. From the lush tea gardens of Darjeeling to the aromatic spices of Masala Chai, tea holds a special place in our hearts and inspires our craft. Today, we raise a toast to the art of tea-making and the moments of joy and connection it brings to our lives. 

With widespread consumption and devotion, tea (chai) is frequently referred to as the national drink in India. The famous author Mark Twain says, ‘Every Indian is a doctor, and every place is a place of tea (chai)’. Jin Jiji, made with all the ingredients found in the ubiquitous masala chai as its botanicals, has taken this humble desi chai across the globe as an homage to this drink that is loved across classes and is as potent a social lubricant as their mellow gin. The connection between gin and tea goes deeper than just trendy cocktails, both beverages boast rich histories steeped in botanicals. Gin, with its juniper berry base and symphony of herbs and spices, shares a kinship with the wide world of teas, each infused with their own distinctive flora. 

Driven by a love and passion for tea, Jin Jiji, was conceived to elevate the unique fusion of gin and tea to new heights. The journey begins with the sourcing of FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1) tea from the renowned Jungpana estate. Infused with Darjeeling black tea, celebrated for its elegance and distinctive flavor profile, Jin Jiji boasts a meticulously crafted blend of botanical ingredients, distilled in copper still to create a gin with a richly layered flavour profile. Featuring soft undertones of clove, cardamom, holy basil, chamomile, orris root, and ginger, Jin JiJi offers a complex and nuanced taste experience. 

The beauty of the gin and tea party lies in its exploration. Experiment with Jin Jiji gin and tea combinations to discover your own perfect pairings. Embrace the unexpected, and you might be surprised by the delightful flavour marriages you create. 

On International Tea Day- 21 May, don’t forget to enjoy this unique tea-based Indian gin to impress your family and friends with a contemporary and modern taste in cocktails or gin tea party. 

Pricing and Availability: 

Jin Jiji – Darjeeling 

Goa : ₹ 1540/- 

Karnataka : ₹ 2791/- 

Maharashtra : ₹ 2050/-