Peak Spirits, a global spirits company, proudly announces the launch of Jin JiJi, an exquisite dry gin that reflects the very spirit of our country. With botanicals inspired by the India’s most popular brew and now a global favourite – Masala Chai, Jin Jiji is a masterpiece crafted with passion and tradition. 

Derived from the Hindi word जििीविषा, Jin Jiji embodies a zest for life that permeates every facet of this exceptionally delicious gin. Widely available internationally, including in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and across Europe, its debut in India beckons ginthusiasts to celebrate life and honour the brand’s jijivisha philosophy of spreading happiness and positivity.  

Founded by Ansh Khanna, a well-travelled global citizen, who has always been intrigued  by the art & science of crafting spirits, and Ken Fredrickson, a master sommelier with over two decades of experience in the wine and spirits industry, Jin JiJi is the amalgamation of knowledge, passion for excellence and diverse influences transformed  into a truly distinctive spirit. 

Revolutionising the gin landscape with its India Dry and Darjeeling varieties, Jin Jiji is the world’s first and only gin to incorporate two distinct Junipers in its blend, alongside pioneering the use of Goan cashew and Tulsi, as botanicals that lend it warm, bright, and spicy undertones. This exceptional blend is further elevated with the aromatic essence of highest grade FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe1) Darjeeling tea meticulously sourced from single origin tea estates. Darjeeling tea has the distinction of being grown at a higher elevation than any other tea plant, which accounts for its  remarkable flavour characteristics. 

Expressing his excitement on the launch, Ansh Khanna, Co-Founder, Jin Jiji said, “Versatile, vibrant, and uber chic – Jin JiJi is our wildest gin dreams putting on their evening best. We aimed to create a gin that’s not just about remarkable taste but also a delicious  blend of regional Indian goodness and traditional gin-craft, with a splash of Himalayan sweetness tailor made for the global palette.” 

Envisioned as a global brand, Jin Jiji was first unveiled internationally in 2019, and has swiftly risen to prominence, becoming the favored gin in many Michelin-starred restaurants such as Indienne in Chicago. Beyond its culinary acclaim, Jin JiJi has also received recognition within the spirits industry, notably, it cinched the prestigious Gold medal at the World Spirits Competition in 2020, with Jin JiJi Darjeeling securing a Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2021 and Jin JiJi High Proof  earning another Silver medal at the Spirits Selection in 2022 by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. 

Exploring the rich tapestry of flavors and cultural richness, Jin Jiji transcends the ordinary with each bottle.

Tasting Notes 

Jin Jiji – India Dry Gin 

Well balanced aroma with soft tones of juniper and sweet spices combined with citrus  rind on the nose. JiJi India Dry Gin has an elegant soft yet structured mouthfeel allowing  the delicate nuances of chamomile and mint to appear on the palate. 

Jin Jiji – Darjeeling 

Fragrant aromatics of juniper and mint with soft tones of freshly picked tea. On the palate Jin JiJi Darjeeling has a warm assertive spice character that tastes of herbs, orris and  ginger with a lingering citrus and tea brightness. A layered, complex, and delightful gin. 

Best Enjoyed 

A versatile, ultra-refreshing gin, can be savored as a classic G&T or lend itself to a cocktail  of choice. 

Label & Bottle Design 

From the nomenclature to the flavour palette, every detail, including the label design,  draws inspiration from our rich cultural heritage, weaving a tapestry of traditional Indian  motifs inspired from the vibrant array of botanicals that pepper through our country. The  incorporation of Devanagari script alongside the Latin script in the logo serves as a powerful nod to the deep roots and cultural heritage of India. 

Size: 700 ml, ABV: 43% 

Pricing and Availability: 

Jin Jiji – Darjeeling  

Goa : ₹ 1540/- 

Karnataka : ₹ 2791/- 

Maharashtra : ₹ 2700/- 

Rajasthan : ₹ 1950/- 

Uttarakhand : ₹ 1620/- 

Haryana : ₹ 1800/- 

Jin Jiji – Indian Dry Gin

Goa : ₹ 980

Karnataka : ₹ 2245

Maharashtra : ₹ 2050

Rajasthan : ₹ 1315

Uttarakhand : ₹ 1210

Haryana : ₹ 1400