Holi is a festival celebrated across India as well as abroad with much spirit and fervor. The festival of colours is marked with joyful celebrations of diverse kinds in different parts of India. As matter of fact, there are several places that gained for fame owing to the type of Holi celebrated in the region, such as Lathmaar Holi, Yaosang Holi, Baithak holi, Khadi Holi etc. While Holi celebrations have traditionally been synonymous with Bhang or Thandai, there are many who have a different preference with respect to the celebratory drinks, such as some fine premium single malt. So this Holi, what would be the drink of your choice?

Kanya by Paul John

A well-known worldwide whisky brand with a following in India is Paul John. Their Edited Single Malt whisky has received rave reviews from whisky specialists. Kanya, meanwhile, is a recent arrival with distinct, well-balanced taste. It is blended with subdued butterscotch flavours that are obtained from wood, and it is aged for seven years in first-fill bourbon barrels. Consume the rich, creamy flavours slowly and with care. The price is 4,500 rupees.

The Macallan Fine Oak

Macallan is known for its high-end, expensive liquor range. However, Macallan Fine Oak, their cost-effective single malt whisky, retails for Rs 5,000. The beverage, which is matured in three different kinds of oak casks and offers a variety of interpretations and finishes, is the company’s best offering. The whisky’s sweet flavour comes from the aromas of sugar, almond, and nectarine as well as the creamy, raisin-flavored finish. The spicy oak vanilla undertones are ideal for people who are picky about the flavour and finish of their whisky.

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

This whisky bears the name of industry pioneer Dewan Gian Chand, who founded the DeVANS brand in Jammu decades ago. Their most recent release, GianChand Single Malt Whisky has not only won over regular whisky drinkers but also notable whisky critics like Jim Murray. He describes it as ‘the finest single malt he has tasted from India in recent years, with most refined taste,’ in the Bible of Whisky. With vanilla serving as the backbone and a trace of barley, the whisky possesses the sweetness of pineapple-drop candies. The taste is also enhanced by the thin oils’ subtle aromas. This one, which costs Rs 4490 in Delhi, would undoubtedly surprise your visitors.

Rampur Whisky

This single malt whisky, sometimes known as Kohinoor or the priceless diamond of single malts, is produced in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is homemade and non-chill filtered. It has been aged for many years. All of the senses are satisfied by the range of flavour profiles offered by Rampur Select. Along with notes of vanilla and caramel, there are distinguishable fruity and spicy smells. As you continue to taste it, you’ll start to notice the aroma and flavour that can only come from the distillation of the prolonged Indian summer, which gives Indian whisky its distinct flavour. And once you’re done, you’ll get a wonderful, warm feeling that will make you feel satisfied. A double cask is priced at Rs 7,600.

Singleton of Glendullan

This whisky, which has been aged for 12, 15, and even 18 years, is available from Diageo. To give the single malt Scotch whisky the balance required to bring out the flavour, a little proportion of European oak casks are added to the American oak casks that are used to age it. Fresh fruit aromas, a sweet, honeyed tongue, and a creamy, lingering aftertaste are all present. As soon as you take a drink, the flavours overwhelm your senses, allowing you to completely savour each unique flavour. The price is around Rs 5,000.

Kamet Single Malt 

Due to its proximity to Kurukshetra, a historic town, whisky produced in Kamet distillery exudes an air of old world elegance. This modern whisky has a fruity bouquet with a little hint of smoke and leather. Additionally, it features hints of cinnamon sticks, spiced wood, and sherried influences. Towards the end, it gives a burned, earthy feel, alongside an aftertaste that is sweet. It costs Rs 3800.