Whisky sends a feeling of warmth and cosiness in the body and this create an atmosphere where people are at ease and winding down. The rich taste and aromatic notes elevate the moment, making it more than just a drink. When delving into the world of whisky, one cannot overlook the influence of Jim Murray, a renowned whisky critic celebrated internationally for his discerning palate. Since the inception of his Whisky Bible in 2003, Murray has consistently showcased his expertise by curating an annual list of the world’s finest whiskies. In the 2023 edition, he meticulously assessed over 4100 whiskies from around the globe, reflecting his extensive knowledge gained from tasting an impressive 22,000 different whiskies. His evaluation is to the point, honest, absolutely independent of any influence and often amusing but non pretentious too. Explore some of his cherished whiskies over the years for an exceptional whisky journey.

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye

Alberta Distiller’s Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye was the top pick for Jim Murray a few years ago. He gave it a score of 97.5 out of 100. Earlier they were selling their rye whisky to award winning whisky brands like Masterson’s and WhistlePig. In 2019 Alberta launched its label and Cask Strength and Cask Strength Rye. This traditional whisky was praised much by Murray as he called it a ‘truly world class whisky from possibly the world’s most underrated distillery. It is immense yet equally delicate.’ The whisky has a succulence to the oils, it is balanced by manuka honeys and ulmo, making it delicious yet different. One starts salivating from the very first nanosecond. It is often enjoyed neat or flavoured with other drinks.

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

GC, as it is fondly called, is a homegrown Indian whisky that is distilled in Jammu, a picturesque city located in the foothills of the Himalaya. The whisky captures the water, the climate, the minerals and also the soul of the place. The whisky is well sought after and was hailed by Jim Murray as the best single malt whisky from India in recent times. The whisky has a reputation that is unmatchable, as the company founded by the pioneers of alcobev industry, DeVANS is known for quality and great taste. The whisky is distilled in uniquely built long swan neck pots made of copper, adding to the distinct flavour of the drink. It has a vanilla base that is laced with thin oils to give it a subtle nuance and with pineapple drop candy flavour and a tinge of barley creates a unique taste.

Paul John Mithuna

Paul John Mithuna from Goa-based Paul John Distillery also won the bronze position in the Bible, making it the third most popular whisky. This Indian born whisky has a sensational chocolate spice complexity, a taste which is rare and not found easily. It is a testament to the dedication and skills of the people at the distillery. The whisky is an expression of the Zodiac series by the brand, where it refers to the Gemini. It also means perfect. It brings Paul John Distillery on a world stage and is known as the whisky that devours you while you devour it. to the

GlenGrant Single Malt Scotch

Distilled at a distillery founded in 1840, this one was appreciated by Jim Murray. The best-selling single malt whisky is quite popular in Italy. It smells very different from the rest as it has a remarkably rich aroma of baked apple, robust oak and ripe orchard fruit. You can literally smell the orange, lemon zest and the toffee along with vanilla cream. It has a luxurious rich taste of dried fruit, candy peel as well as dates. The drink finishes with a hint of peach, soft apple and freshly crushed grain. This warm weather sipper is the lightest spirit in Scotland.

Omar Bourbon Single Malt

Although the Omar line of single malts, which includes bourbon and sherry barrel varieties, is a pleasant and well-balanced whisky, the distillery truly comes into its own with the single casks. Jim’s nod has confirmed their dominance. The state-owned Nantou distillery in Taiwan is the source of Omar single malt. Fully matured in former Bourbon barrels, this wine has a medium body, a smooth mouthfeel, with hints of vanilla and citrus. With aroma of orange and lemon peel, ground cinnamon sprinkled and a runny caramel, it just entices your senses. Even as it has a palate of toffee, milk, vanilla essence and ripe banana, the finish of honey’d barley with a touch of tropical fruit is the reason it was mentioned in the Whisky Bible, and it truly lived up to the reputation.