Yauatcha’s Ivelle, a sensation in Mumbai, is now making waves in Bangalore, treating the city’s wine lovers to a unique experience. Renowned for its innovative Cantonese cuisine and the artful interplay of flavors, Yauatcha Bangalore introduces its exclusive wine, Ivelle, in collaboration with Fratelli Wines. Exclusively available at the Yauatcha outlet, patrons can savor this exceptional wine by the glass or indulge in a full bottle during their dining experience.

Derived from a French word signifying love, ‘Ivelle’ is the outcome of unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of quality. Merging the richness of locally grown Müller and Gewürztraminer grapes, this white wine boasts enticing notes of lychee, apricot, and pineapple, making it an ideal companion for the restaurant’s Chinese culinary offerings. Timeless and authentic, Ivelle is poised to become a cherished addition to the meticulously curated menu at Yauatcha Bangalore. Crafted on Indian soil, each sip of Ivelle transports connoisseurs to a rustic mountain villa, offering a unique sensory experience. The resurgence of wine enthusiasts in the country has paved the way for the creation of India’s first-ever private wine label.

Following months of meticulous trials, Ivelle is now being served at Yauatcha’s Bengaluru outlet. Maneesh KP, the Restaurant Manager at Yauatcha Bengaluru, shares his thoughts, stating, “While profiling the flavors for Ivelle, we understood the similarities shared between the Indian and Chinese palettes. We wanted the wine to not only compliment our offerings at Yauatcha but also cater to Indian taste preferences. The Müller Thurgau grape, originally bred in Germany by Hermann Müller, is a cross of Riesling and Madeleine Royale, while the Gewürztraminer is more aromatic, creating the perfect balance.”

Yauatcha, known for its extensive wine selection that goes beyond traditional rice wine and sake, now proudly presents Ivelle, arguably the first private wine label created by a restaurant and available for purchase at their dining establishments. Ivelle has been delighting patrons at Yauatcha Bengaluru since December 22nd of last year, with a price tag of INR 900 per glass and a bottle priced at INR 4500. Wine enthusiasts and gastronomes alike can now indulge in this exquisite pairing of Chinese cuisine and the finest Indian-crafted wine.

About Yauatcha

With two restaurants in London, Yauatcha launched in the heart of Soho in 2004 and gained immediate critical acclaim receiving numerous prestigious awards including a Michelin star. Yauatcha City opened in May 2015 following the success of the Soho restaurant. Yauatcha is an accessible fine dining experience that fuses dim sum, mixology, tea, and European patisserie to create a unique and social experience that reflects the spirit of a modern-day tea house – or a chatter house. The renowned menu includes a wide selection of dim sum and a list of over 24 types of tea. Yauatcha was the first and remains the only restaurant to combine Chinese dim sum and European patisserie, creating trends rather than following them. The brand embraces the innovative, forward-thinking aspects of modern Chinese culture. Based in some of the most cosmopolitan areas of the world, we bring a worldly vision to the table, always open-minded and cultured. The original design concept by Christian Liaigre offers a full view of the kitchens allowing passers-by to witness the preparation of the expertly-made dishes.