~The two-day curated experience returns to Jio World Garden on February 17 and 18 – where the best  global and Indian craft spirits, mixologists, and culinary masterpieces converge.~

The Vault Festival, Asia’s premier craft spirits festival, is back with its highly  anticipated third edition at Jio World Garden, Mumbai on February 17 and 18, 2024. Established with the  core vision of creating a conversation-forward event for spirit aficionados across Asia – the festival is a  celebration of all things fine. The two-day event is curated for curious and driven spirit enthusiasts as well  as new-age experimentalists who seek refined experiences in spirits, lifestyle, mixology, and culinary  mastery. 

The Vault Festival is the first of its kind in Asia to celebrate spirits and mixology in all their glory. The 2024  edition will introduce newly launched Certification Trails, designed as masterclasses that allow the  audience to delve deeper and specialize in their chosen niche across spirits, mixology, and hosting. The  festival is a multiverse of international tastings, edgy food pairings, eye-opening masterclasses, and  bespoke culinary curations from top minds of the F&B space. With two successful prior editions in 2019  and 2023, the third edition features a range of fine spirits across categories such as Rum, Gin, Whisky, and  Tequila.


Speaking on the occasion, Keshav Prakash, Founder of The Vault and Curator of The Vault Festival, said, “We are thrilled to bring back The Vault Festival for its third edition, promising an unparalleled experience  for aficionados and enthusiasts alike. This year, we’ve curated a lineup that celebrates the ‘slow-drink’  movement of craft spirits and provides an immersive behind-the-scenes journey into their production. To  give our audience a truly holistic experience, we’re all set to launch our Masterclass Certification Trails for  our visitors to take away authentic learnings from the festival.” 

The festival is designed keeping in mind four distinct experience pillars that cater to enliven audiences  across the entire spectrum of engagement:  

  • Taste – A space to experience global boutique spirits and Indian craft distillations directly from  their makers.  
  • Discover – A range of multi-sensory experiential venues where the audience can explore what  goes behind the scenes in crafting a spirit.  
  • Listen – Engage with stories, conversations, and masterclasses with industry stalwarts. 
  • Indulge – A showcase of culinary and mixology mastery with gourmet chefs and bar experts  presenting exquisite food and drink pairings.  

Aiming to be Asia’s most anticipated lifestyle event for craft spirit enthusiasts, the festival invites brands to explore partnership opportunities for this edition. For more information, please visit – https://vaulthomebarfest.com/.  

About The Vault Festival: 

The Vault Festival is Asia’s premier conversation-forward event dedicated to craft spirits, mixology, and engaging  discourse. Curated by Keshav Prakash in 2019, it celebrates the artistry behind fine spirits, catering to India’s  growing spirit community. Synonymous with luxury, this two-day extravaganza unites global boutique spirit  brands, Indian craft spirits, distillers, culinary maestros, and artists, fostering a culture of appreciation. The festival,  now in its third edition, slated for February 17-18, 2024, at Mumbai’s Jio World Garden, offers immersive  experiences across four pillars – Taste, Discover, Listen, and Indulge. With 45+ international and Indian craft spirit  makers, The Vault Festival introduces masterclass certification trails, shaping itself as Asia’s foremost craft spirits  lifestyle event. For more information, please visit – https://vaulthomebarfest.com/