~Mixologist Masterpieces: Edition One places a focus on intimate human moments and parallels  between Calcutta and Rome.~

Sorano, the authentic Italian dining experience and intimate cocktail bar in Kolkata today launched a new cocktail menu ‘Mixology Masterpieces: Edition One’ in celebration of its two-year  anniversary. Rated #26 on 30 Best Bars ranking in only their 1st year in 2022, Sorano has been on a mission to redefine authentic Italian cuisine and cocktails.  

‘Mixologist Masterpieces: Edition One’ is a new generation of cocktails available at Sorano, which follows the tale of a traveller, from Kolkata to Italy, noting the parallels they experience between them. The menu is crafted by Head Mixologist Manoj Singh Rawat, creating a narrative that links the cities and highlights commonalities through flavours and emotions. This traveller’s tale is introduced through 7 new signature cocktails, followed by Sorano’s classics – showcasing the new era of Sorano’s beverage program, while still staying true to their roots and values of championing sustainability and local produce. 

On this occasion, Saket Agarwal, Co-Founder of Manifest Hospitality said: “Our new cocktail menu is  more than just a new set of drinks – it’s a showcase for our mixologist’s expertise and a new chapter in Sorano’s experiential journey. My journey across Italy has shown me the similarities between our home city, Kolkata and Rome, from the architecture and people to the way of life. With this in mind, we crafted this story and are using flavours, technique and emotions to tell it. We hope to keep exploring the various aspects of human nature and the parallels between the cities, through mixology.”  

Speaking on the beverage program, Manoj Singh Rawat, Head Mixologist at Manifest Hospitality illustrated the depth of the new menu and direction: “This menu was created keeping in mind the importance of a human touch in our quickly changing technological world. New signatures, like the Roman Madari, Sage’s Advice and Sicilian Message cement our commitment to not just innovative and  enticing drinks, but also the evolution of cocktail culture, supported by delicious, locally sourced ingredients like starfruit, guava and pineapple.”  

Cocktails to look forward to: 

  • Sage’s Advice – Inspired by the values of patience and wisdom, this sweet and bitter cocktail  blends premium gin with herbal elements like sage and rosemary, finishing with the subtle flavours of muskmelon and watermelon.  
  • Roman Madari – Inspired by celebration and vibrant nostalgia, this fruity and citrusy cocktail mixes premium gin with saccharine elements like bergamot, plum and yuzu, complemented  by Aperol and citrus for a refreshing sunset-coloured blend.  
  • Sicilian Message – Inspired by raw emotions and human connection, this savoury creation combines premium gin, lacto-fermented grapes, and grapefruit and passion fruit, completed  with fresh capers for a perfectly pink beverage.  
  • Whispers of Kaffir – Inspired by nature and nostalgia, this sweet, zesty libation comes together through white rum, pineapple, peaches, lemongrass, kaffir and imported Italian  lemons for a deliciously light elixir.  

The anniversary also marks the launch of the Sorano Delicatessen, a one-stop shop for all Italian readymade needs, including pestos, breads, sauces, as well as fresh and fermented produce. With these two new ventures, Sorano is poised to continue redefining the Italian dining and cocktail  landscape in India. 

Address: 1ST FLOOR, Harrington Mansion, 8, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Rd, Kankaria Estates, Park Street  area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071 

Contact No: 087773 63706 

About Manifest Hospitality: 

Manifest Hospitality is a hospitality venture focused on creating unique gastronomy and mixology experiences, designed to transport guests to another world. Based in Kolkata, the company was founded by Saket Agarwal and Nivedita Agarwal in 2022, inspired by their global travels. Their first venture is Sorano – an authentic Italian restaurant and intimate cocktail bar currently ranked #26 by 30BestBarsIndia. The company has launched  Mehico, an authentic Mexican restaurant and vibrant bar in January of 2024, in line with their goal of bringing  genuine experiential dining to India. Manifest Hospitality is at the forefront of experimentation in mixology, by leveraging indigenous ingredients and technique forward bar programs.