~Salud announces exciting expansion in Karnataka with innovative Agave and Cranberry Gin Refresher.~

~Salud’s invigorating agave and cranberry gin refresher has a unique blend of grenadine, herbs and botanicals.~

Salud, a global urban lifestyle brand that is redefining the drinking experience, announced the launch of its two latest additions to the premium product portfolio. They are Salud Fiesta and Salud Strong Cranberry. Salud aims to revolutionise the drinking experience, catering to consumers of all age groups and lifestyles at an affordable price. The invigorating Agave and Cranberry Gin Refresher have been crafted to infuse every sip with joy and happiness with an innovative blend of grenadine, exquisite herbs and botanicals.

Recent consumer trends indicate that India’s alcohol market is evolving, with a growing interest in innovative beverages, particularly in the ready-to-drink and fruit-flavoured-drinks segments. These offerings have gained global traction due to the convenience they offer to customers.

Cranberry stands out for its refreshing appeal, and as a lower-strength alternative to spirits, it aligns with consumer desires for healthier options. Simultaneously, Agave, a rising star in India’s spirit industry, is in its growing stage, poised to replicate the success story of gin from five years ago. The Agave Revolution is set to leave an enduring mark on the country’s drinking culture.

This year, Salud has already made waves in the beverage industry by launching a limited premium gin collection, Salud Cusp London Dry Gin in Goa. The new collection not only clinched a prestigious Gold Medal at the Global Gin master’s but received acclaim in the Goan market. Building on this success, Salud is strategically expanding into the ready-to-drink category, meeting the surging demand for convenient and premium alcoholic beverages in 12 new Indian markets.

The Salud’s new product, Salud Fiesta is India’s pioneering Agave Soda in a bottle, boasts an impressive 8% alcohol content, offering an unparalleled blend of fun and flavour. Each 275 ml bottle ensures an unforgettable celebration that continues all night. Salud Fiesta is not your typical Tequila; it’s a refreshing twist. Combining agave’s crispness with grenadine’s sweetness, complemented by zesty orange and tangy lemon, it’s designed to leave you craving more.

Whereas Salud Strong Cranberry promises a tantalizing journey through bold flavours and invigorating sensations, seamlessly combining the timeless allure of gin with a meticulously curated selection of herbs and botanicals. The result is a perfectly balanced elixir infused with the tangy essence of cranberry and citrus fruits, delivering an exceptional drinking experience.

Salud Fiesta is available at an attractive price of Rs. 135 and Salud Strong Cranberry is also priced at Rs. 135. These prices have been carefully set to ensure that consumers of all age groups and lifestyles can enjoy these innovative beverages at an affordable rate.

The bottle design itself is an alluring visual masterpiece, each bottle tastefully adorned with a neck tag that imparts information about the variants, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall package.

Mr. Ajay Shetty, CEO of Salud said, “Indian consumers today are ready to experiment and go beyond the traditional alcoholic beverages. They are becoming more adventurous with respect to their taste preferences. We are excited to launch Salud Fiesta and Salud Strong Cranberry, infused with unique grenadine, exquisite herbs and botanicals. This remarkable blend not only tantalizes the taste buds but also uplifts the spirits, making it a perfect companion for celebrating happy moments in life. The launch of Salud Fiesta, being the first agave refresher in the RTD market is a new wave of freshness in this crowded market, bringing innovation. The cranberry flavoured gin has the potential to become big in the alcohol beverage industry as confident that these exceptional drinks will resonate with younger consumers.”  

Salud integrates Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs, providing customers with unique and immersive experiences.  Salud is also poised to unveil its exclusive line of clothing under Salud Merchandise and introduce Salud Sessions, featuring exclusive tracks by indigenous and international artists.

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About Salud  

Salud is a global urban lifestyle brand that is redefining the drinking experience. With a strong emphasis on quality, affordability and sustainability, Salud offers innovative products in the spirit-based ready-to-drink (RTD) category. Seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, Salud offers a fashionable lifestyle that resonates with consumers worldwide. From its internationally award-winning Cusp and Bitters to its refreshing RTD offerings, Salud’s diverse products cater to the evolving preferences of consumers.