Poetry Cocktail, a venture affiliated with the MSU Group has officially launched in Bangalore heralding an era in the world of expertly crafted cocktails. Originally known as “Easy Cocktail” the brand swiftly transformed into Poetry embodying its commitment to sophistication, creativity and the art of mixology.

Poetry’s story unfolds as a dedication to enhancing the cocktail experience and infusing it with an air of refinement. Enthusiasts are invited on a journey as they savor meticulously crafted cocktail mixers that unlock a realm of flavors and delightful aromas. The tagline “Flavors Unleashed in Verse” perfectly captures Poetry’s essence—an experience where each sip’s akin to a sonnet and every flavor dances like a stanza.

What sets Poetry apart is its selection of premium ingredients that ensure each mixer is truly a masterpiece in taste. The use of quality elements, like specially sourced passion fruit pulp and the infusion of elderflower distinguishes Poetry from other mixer brands.

Innovation lies at the heart of Poetry’s mixology approach; constantly pushing boundaries with combinations of flavors and exclusive ingredients. The fact that the brand owns a cutting edge manufacturing facility sets it apart as it allows for control over product development and guarantees quality and consistency.

Poetry adopts a pricing approach that combines high quality offerings with affordability making experiences to a wider range of people. The brand’s dedication to providing everyone with the chance to enjoy Poetrys delights reflects its commitment to offering luxury in a manner.

Looking ahead, Poetry envisions establishing a strong presence in the Bangalore market in its first year, followed by expansion into major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc., in the second year. The brand aspires to become synonymous with the art of mixology, offering premium, artisanal cocktail ingredients.

Poetry Cocktail introduces a diverse array of mixers, each designed to enhance the cocktail experience. From the Passion Fruit Martini to the Elderflower Mojito, Penicillin, and Berrypolitian, Poetry’s offerings are a symphony of unique and delightful flavors.

Beyond being a brand, Poetry is a commitment to crafting exceptional cocktail mixers and curated bar snacks that elevate the home bar experience. Collaboration with like-minded brands, mixologists, and experts is on the horizon to develop innovative products and experiences, enriching offerings and providing customers with exciting avenues to explore in the world of cocktails.

About Poetry Cocktail

Poetry Cocktail, based in Bangalore, is a brand dedicated to bringing sophistication to the homes of cocktail enthusiasts. With a focus on creativity, quality, and the art of mixology, Poetry aims to make every sip a sonnet and every flavor a stanza, unlocking a world of exquisite tastes and aromatic delights.