Find yourself a restful spot amidst the dense concrete IT parks to marvel at the sunset skies reflecting a canvas in the surrounding lake – an escape offered by Niro, Bengaluru’s newest rooftop bar. Satiating the ever-growing appetite for vibrant nightlife and memorable experiences, Niro unveils an urban rooftop oasis atop the Country Inn and Suites Hotel alongside Nagavara Lake. Boasting a panoramic water view and impeccable service of mouthwatering flavours and cocktails, this all-day bar is a much-needed addition to enjoy the city’s famed weather within this urban landscape.

Niro takes shape from the vision of Mr. Lalith Kumar and under the auspices of Shilton Hospitality, renowned for their offerings pan-India such as Watson’s, Fireflies resorts, Shilton Hotels and many more projects. Recognising the potential for a rooftop space that rakes in the advantage of the calming lakeside atmosphere, Niro brings forth a high-end experience at inexpensive prices.

The food menu presents a delectable mix of deliciousness to choose from. The highlights include starters like Mushroom on Kori Roti and Kerala Pepper Beef that can be paired with dynamic cocktails churned from special ingredients, the food and drink scene at Niro caters to the melting pot of cultures in the IT hub. Their signature dishes feature Braised Lamb Shanks, Pork Gyoza, Lemony Prawn Peas Risotto, White Truffle Pizza and more. The Skillet Cookie with Ice Cream dessert is a must have. Beer lovers have more reasons to cheer as it also features a taproom and serves the quintessential favourite brand Toit. With weekly match screening and weekend brunch events, NIRO sets the vibe of a go-to destination for a well-deserved wind-down after long workdays.

Niro’s Signature cocktail Concept / Story:

Welcome to a journey through nature’s lush bounty with Niro’s signature cocktail menu exclusively curated for you, “Botanical Bliss.” Each concoction is a harmonious blend of handpicked botanicals and fresh, natural ingredients, curated to transport you to an oasis of flavors. Inspired by the vibrancy of botanical gardens and the serenity of natural landscapes, our menu promises a refreshing and invigorating experience. The highlights include-

Drink: EL NIRO

Sunset Serenity.” This light and refreshing cocktail blends the essence of summer with a gentle citrus twist. A base of crisp Tequila meets the caress of fresh tender coconut and honey water.


Imagine the misty Nilgiri Hills, where the air is thick with the invigorating scent of spices and the verdant tea gardens stretch as far as the eye can see. The Nilgiri cocktail captures the essence of this picturesque region, combining unique flavours mixed with in house cardamom Gin.

High-walled ceilings, an external sky deck, varied textures and skylights elevate the beauty of the chic and sleek interiors with sunset skies as the backdrop. From a casual hangout spot in the day, it seamlessly transitions into an upbeat place at night to let loose your stress with some lively music in the background. The balmy breeze from the lakeside surrounding ensures a refreshing welcome from the minute you walk in. A keen eye for detail in the custom-made interiors, signature chandeliers, a perched DJ corner and all evoke a sense of the good old days of Bangalore pubs and yet bring in a contemporary twist.

When there are enough reasons in Bangalore to step out and enjoy the pleasing weather, Niro is the perfect urban oasis to enjoy the sunset hues and breathtaking views. Be it a remote work meeting, finishing a last-minute presentation, unwinding post work or going on a date, Niro sets out to become the premier destination for those seeking an escape from the daily grind in North Bangalore.