MONIN, the leading syrup brand in India and a trusted partner for hospitality professionals all over the world, has announced the 2024 MONIN Cup Competition. The contest encourages new, young bartenders aged 18-27 years from across the world to highlight their talent as mixologists by creating original serves using MONIN products. Bartenders from India are invited to enter the real Indian Heat held from 30th July, 2024, with the chance to win a trip to the MONIN Cup Grand Finale at the MONIN Headquarter in Bourges, France this December. 

The theme of the 2024 MONIN Cup is ‘Low is More’; a brief for aspiring bartenders to take inspiration from the current low and no alcohol trend. Participants are encouraged to create flavorful cocktails using MONIN’s diverse portfolio, which includes syrups, fruit mixes, purees, crushes, sauces, and frappe powders. MONIN’s wide range of products give the bartenders a lot of freedom to experiment, innovate and curate exquisite drinks aligned with the current trends. 

Participating in the MONIN Cup offers more than just a competition; it provides the opportunity to receive expert mentorship from the MONIN team and jury panels composed of industry-leading mixologists. From July 30th, 2024 to August 28th, 2024, finalists will have the opportunity to develop their skills by learning from the best, receiving critiques on presentation, technique, and flavor profile from industry experts. Entrants are encouraged to connect with fellow aspiring bartenders, explore the exquisite flavors of MONIN and engage in a friendly competition aiming towards the common goal of creating their best drinks

Germain Araud, Managing Director of Monin India Pvt Ltd, enthusiastically expressed, “The MONIN Cup competitions serve as an exceptional platform for budding bartenders across the country to showcase their remarkable talent on a global stage. Our aim has always been to provide a professional arena for them to flourish and acquire new skills. The opportunity to represent their homeland is indeed a significant achievement. Through events like the MONIN Cup, Monin India exhibits steadfast support for the bartending community, fostering skill development, recognition, and representation on an international scale.” 

Staying abreast of trends is crucial for hospitality venues to maintain relevance. This year’s theme presents young Indian bartenders with an ideal opportunity to refine their skills in crafting cocktails. With MONIN’s comprehensive product range, they can experiment with flavors, infuse unique twists and captivate our judges’ palates. 

MONIN encourages prospective entrants from across the hospitality industry to join this celebration of the art of mixology. Competitions like MONIN Cup are key to ensuring a bright future for the drinks industry by bolstering the next generation of bartending talent, whom MONIN is always eager to support. 

With the India first round of the competition taking place on 30th of July, in Kolkata, MONIN Cup 2024 entries close 10th July 2024. For more information and to submit an entry please visit here. 

About MONIN: 

Since 1912, MONIN has been a premier French brand crafting innovative aromatic solutions for hospitality professionals worldwide. With headquarters in Bourges, France, our century-old expertise drives our portfolio of +200 unparalleled flavors. More than a beverage solution, MONIN represents a lifestyle rooted in authenticity, creativity, and environmental consciousness. From independent cafes to global chains, we have become the preferred choice for beverage professionals by consistently delivering top-quality products and engaging closely with our customers. 

About MONIN India: 

In recent years, MONIN has made significant strides in India, establishing MONIN India Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad, alongside its fully operational R&D center in 2019. With an ongoing substantial investment of INR 350 + crores, our expansion plans encompass the upcoming manufacturing facility in Telangana slated for completion by the end of 2025. Additionally, we have introduced Experience Studios in New Delhi and Bengaluru, with Mumbai set to join the ranks soon. Furthermore, our reintroduction of the MONIN Cup in India and hosting of the MONIN Coffee Creativity Cup underscore our unwavering commitment to empowering the hospitality industry and fostering local talent.