~01 Rich and Rounded and 02 Fruit and Spice are now available in 7 markets across India.~ 

~Godawan was recently awarded the Ambrosia Award for Best Packaging (Graphics) and the AFAQS  CommuniCon Gold Award for the Best Use of PR for a Product Launch.~

Godawan, an artisanal single malt whisky that defies traditional norms while  keeping tradition at its core, today announced that it has entered Punjab, Chandigarh, and Madhya  Pradesh – a move that strengthens its national presence across 7 markets in India. The brainchild of The  Good Craft Co. from Diageo India, Godawan is crafting a distinctive single malt that challenges perceptions  and defies traditional whisky production norms. 

Distilled in Alwar, a region devoid of conventional whisky making terroir, Godawan leverages Rajasthan’s  elevated temperatures, heritage techniques, and unique botanicals to bring to life a range of Indian  single malts that will cater to every palate – Light and Floral, Fruity and Spicy, Rich and Rounded, Full  bodied and Smoky. It achieves this by crafting a mother liquid that is flexible enough to manifest itself  across each flavour profile. Currently, the brand has launched two unique expressions – 01 Rich and  Rounded and 02 Fruit and Spice – priced between INR 2800 to INR 6000.  

“As India’s whisky craftsmanship gains global recognition, it’s crucial to consistently drive innovation and  uphold exceptional quality standards. With Godawan, we are pushing the boundaries of whisky  production through cutting-edge techniques and unconventional ingredients – to foster a spirit of  exploration and innovation within the industry. We are very excited to now be available in Punjab,  Chandigarh, and Madhya Pradesh – pivotal markets where whisky is a top choice among consumers.  With the Indian single malt category exhibiting an annual growth rate of 42%, our national expansion  couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Looking ahead, our focus remains on delivering high product  quality and solidifying our presence across key markets,” says Vikram Damodaran, Chief Innovation  Officer, Diageo India. 

Godawan made its international debut at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in 2022, marking a significant  milestone for exceptionalism in Indian craft and strengthening the brand’s commitment to the Make in  India initiative. The brand also recently secured two accolades at the prestigious Ambrosia Awards (Best  Packaging – Graphics) and AFAQS CommuniCon (Gold: Best Use of PR for a Product Launch), reaffirming  its position as a trailblazer in the Indian single malt industry. 

Inspired by the techniques of Rajasthani craft liqueur makers, Godawan employs slow-trickle distillation  from locally sourced six-row barley to extract optimal sensory performance from the liquid. It is uniquely  matured at temperatures exceeding 100°F, resulting in a higher Angel’s Share (the amount of liquid that  

is lost to evaporation). This leaves behind a whisky with a rich and complex character. The spirit is  finished in specially treated casks infused with two India botanicals, Rasna and Jatamansi, carefully  selected from among 5000 options for their ability to complement the whisky’s flavour profile.

Godawan derives its name from the Great Indian Bustard, a majestic bird once widespread across India  but now marked Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List. With approximately 150 left in India, these  regal creatures have taken their last refuge in Rajasthan. With every bottle of Godawan sold, the  company contributes to conserving the habitat of these birds, allowing them to flourish. 

Indian whisky consumption has surged by more than 200%, marking a significant growth trajectory and  positioning India as the world’s largest buyer of whisky by volume. In particular, the Indian single malt category has witnessed incredible growth over the last five years – with Indian single malt sales  surpassing those of global brands in 2023. 


 01 Rich and Rounded 

The whisky is matured in premium PX (Pedro  Ximenez) Sherry Casks. These rare casks were  selected to add an enhanced sherry sweetness to  the liquid, while providing it with a rich, deep  brown hue. Following this, a portion of the liquid  is transferred to American Standard Barrels  (bourbon barrels that were used to mature  Godawan) treated with two unique Indian  botanicals – Rasna and Jatamansi. This unique  production process, which incorporates the use  of local botanicals, yields captivating aromas of  sultanas and dried fruits, complemented by a  syrupy smooth texture.  

Nose: Sultanas and dried fruits 

Palate: Raisin, sultana, fig, and apricot 

Finish: Mature wood, caramel, and a butteriness  like baklava 

Size – 700ml  

ABV – 46%

02 Fruit and Spice

The whisky is matured in virgin oak casks, which  release abundant vanilla and clove aromas into  the liquid. This results in flavours of vanilla, sweet  ginger, and coconut at the forefront. A portion of  the liquid is transferred to American Standard  Barrels (bourbon barrels that were used to  mature Godawan) treated with two unique  Indian botanicals – Rasna and Jatamansi. The  whisky is finished in cherrywood casks, a unique  departure from the conventional choice of wood  for whisky maturation. Cherrywood was selected  to enhance the whisky’s sweet and sour taste  profiles, impressive fruit aromas, and dark colour. 

Nose: Fruity aromas 

Palate: Rich fruit and floral notes, vanilla, sweet  ginger, and coconut 

Finish: Dash of spice and roasted coffee bean  

Size: 700ml  

ABV: 46%

Availability – 


Godawan 01 Rich and Rounded – INR 3000 

Godawan 02 Fruit and Spice – INR 3000 


Godawan 01 Rich and Rounded – INR 2800 

Godawan 02 Fruit and Spice – INR 2800

Madhya Pradesh: 

Godawan 01 Rich and Rounded – INR 5575 

Godawan 02 Fruit and Spice – INR 5575 

About The Good Craft Co.  

Godawan Artisanal Single Malt Whisky is a product of The Good Craft Co., Diageo India’s craft and innovation hub.  It was set up in 2022 to accelerate transformational innovation and strengthen the brand’s craft and premium  drinks portfolio. The Good Craft Co. also acts as an incubator to accelerate the alco-bev start-up ecosystem.  

About Diageo India 

Diageo India is the country’s leading beverage alcohol company and a subsidiary of global leader Diageo PLC. The  company manufactures, sells and distributes an outstanding portfolio of premium brands such as Johnnie Walker,  Black Dog, Black & White, VAT 69, Antiquity, Signature, The Singleton, Royal Challenge, McDowell’s No1, Smirnoff,  Ketel One, Tanqueray and Captain Morgan. Headquartered in Bengaluru, our wide footprint is supported by a  committed team of over 3145 employees, 47 manufacturing facilities across states and union territories in India, a  strong distribution network and a state-of-the-art Technical Centre.  

Incorporated in India as United Spirits Limited (USL), the company is listed on both the National Stock Exchange  (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India. For more information about Diageo India, our people, our brands,  and our performance, visit us at www.diageoindia.com. Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,  http://www.DRINKiQ.com, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practices.  

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