Barsys, the world acclaimed cocktail crafting technology brand, announced the launch of its latest innovation in home bartending, the Barsys 360 in India. It is the first time that Indian consumers can connect with the world’s best spirit brands, bars and mixologists to enjoy a luxe drinking experience at the comfort of their homes. The Barsys 360 is now available for pre-order and the first batch ships in June. Meanwhile, the Barsys App that serves as a dynamic marketplace for cocktail enthusiasts too will be launched in India soon. The app is a one-stop solution where top alcohol brands and consumers can connect across geographies.  These innovative product launches by Barsys are reshaping the home drinking experience, seamlessly blending a deep appreciation for crafting cocktails with design-centric features and a captivating touch of theatrics.

Launched in 2014, Barsys has been digitizing the drinking experience using consumer robotics and the SAAS based ecosystem. The brand has created a robust platform where they collaborate with cocktail curators from world’s best bars – David Morton Kitchens, Dead Rabbit, Bathtub Gin – mixologists, and brands such as Bacardi, Stoli, etc. The Coaster 2.0 and Barsys 2.0+ made with the brand’s smart bar technology brings to table a device that accurately measures every pour while guaranteeing freshly curated cocktails. These smart products have elevated the at-home bar experience for cocktail enthusiasts like never before.

The Barsys 360, an at-home mixology system will upgrade the way consumers create and enjoy cocktails in the comfort of their homes. Barsys is merging entertainment and the art of making cocktails with fresh ingredients and technology to create a new interactive cocktail experience. The sleek, seamless arc-shaped cocktail maker will be available in two colorways, Midnight Black and Polar White. An evolution and enhancement to Barsys’ existing product line, the Barsys 360 is lighter in weight and compact with upgraded functions and smart design, elevating entertaining at-home.

The artfully-constructed accompaniment to the at-home bar, the Barsys 360 perfectly crafts cocktails with up to six ingredients including spirits, fresh juice and mixers, holding a volume of 900 ml in each ingredient canister. With just a tap of a button, the Barsys 360 lights up to create the perfect cocktail in under 10 seconds. This state-of-the-art device measures at 17.36 inches in length, 8.03 inches wide and 16.93 inches high, utilizing proprietary algorithms to expertly measure and mix ingredients. The Barsys 360 ensures consistently delicious cocktails every time, providing an unparalleled at-home cocktail experience.

Complementing the Barsys 360 is the all-new Barsys App, a thriving marketplace connecting cocktail enthusiasts with a diverse community of stakeholders such as top-tier mixologists, spirit brands and top-rated bars of the world. Within the App, users can discover over 1,000+ cocktail recipes and a database of 2,000+ spirit brands. Users will also have access to thousands of themed-cocktails by their favorite brands – known as MixLists and get up-to-date notifications on exclusive branded cocktail recipes. The app users have the option of uploading their at-home bar collection and the Barsys App will automatically generate custom cocktail recommendations based on the ingredients the user already has. The Barsys App is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. For more information, visit

About Barsys:

Launched in 2014, Barsys is a lifestyle brand that is enhancing at-home drinking experience while bringing together cocktail enthusiasts with mixologists, spirit brands and world-class bars. The brand connects the community while producing thoughtfully designed products that are created to upgrade the standard crafted cocktail for an impeccable drink every time. Barsys is merging technology and mixology to extend the human connection created around crafted-cocktails by providing consumers the convenience and precision of a perfect pour. Learn more at