~Aptly positioned as “Serenity Uncasked,” this exquisite blend marries the best of Scotch malts with select Indian grain spirits, evoking the tranquil sounds of nature.~ 

~Available at Delhi and Haryana, Woodnote competes with other premium whiskies, promising discerning connoisseurs an elevated sipping experience.~

ADS Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing alcoholic beverages companies in India, has announced its foray into the ultra-premium whisky segment with the launch of Woodnote Premium Blended Select Cask Whisky in Delhi and Haryana.

Positioned as “Serenity Uncasked,” Woodnote Premium Whisky harmoniously combines the finest Scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits to deliver a symphony of flavors that mirrors the soothing sounds of nature.

Available in Haryana and Delhi, Woodnote Premium Whisky is priced at Rs.1000 / Rs. 850 per quart (750ml) respectively in Delhi & Haryana. It is also available in Pint (375 ml) and Nip (180 ml). Further in Delhi market it’s available in miniature (90ml) and an innovative & trendy Hip Flask pack (200ml).

Woodnote Premium Whisky competes with other whiskies in the fast-growing premium segment. 

Mr. Paras Maan, Chief Operating Officer – ADS Group said, “Woodnote Premium Whisky is our ode to the pristine, unadulterated serenity of nature. From the striking teal-colored monocarton design, highlighting a refreshing new-age look, to the sophisticated flavor profile, every element reflects our commitment to regaling whisky connoisseurs with an ultra-premium product and an elevated sipping experience. We are delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response from consumers in Delhi and Haryana.” 

He further added, “We strategically launched Woodnote Premium Whisky in Haryana and Delhi first to gauge consumer response before rolling it out nationally. The repeat purchases and appreciation for its premium packaging and excellent blend has exceeded our expectations. Woodnote Premium Whisky is crafted to appeal to the discerning tastes of new-age consumers with its refreshing teal-colored monocarton design and sophisticated flavor profile. We are confident that its positioning of ‘Serenity Uncasked’ will deeply resonate across our target audience as we unveil it in more markets.”

On the nose, Woodnote Premium Whisky offers light peat and maritime notes complemented by hints of vanilla and fresh fruit. On the palate, it reveals a balanced symphony of light peat, vanilla, pepper, and oak influences. The finish is smooth and satisfyingly spiced with oak and fruit sweetness.

Following its strong debut in Delhi and Haryana, ADS Group now plans to expand Woodnote’s availability in premium retail outlets and on premise locations across India.

About ADS Spirits:

ADS Group is one of the fastest-growing liquor conglomerates in the Indian alcobev space. With interest in Retail, Distillation, branded IMFL Category and Country Liquor, the group is known for its customer-first approach in the Indian Market. ADS Group is pursuing its immediate goal to augment its existing portfolio of brands to cater to consumers across categories and segments. The company is looking at launching exciting new brands resonating with new-age consumers in the premium Irish BIO Whiskey and Super Premium Craft Gin segments. The group is also developing a Prestige Vodka & a Premium IMFL Whisky.