In the clandestine atmosphere of Prohibition-era London in 1923, Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky was born at No. 3 St James’s Street. Conceived by Francis Berry and Hugh Rudd of Berry Bros. & Rudd, along with the artistic brilliance of James McBey, this visionary creation embarked on a journey that spanned a century of adventure, discoveries, and an epic heritage.

The 1920s witnessed the rise of Cutty Sark as a legendary beacon of craftsmanship, capturing the hearts and taste buds of whisky enthusiasts. As Prohibition waned in the 1930s, Cutty Sark triumphed, selling over 80,000 cases by 1936. Subsequent decades brought notable milestones, including being the best-selling Scotch Whisky in the USA in 1961 and receiving the Queen’s Award for Export in 1971.

In the 1960s, astronaut Gordon Cooper left an indelible mark by smuggling a bottle of Cutty Sark aboard the Mercury 9 mission. Continuing its ascent, Cutty Sark secured its legacy through innovations and acquisitions in the early 2000s.

Now, in 2023, Cutty Sark marks a momentous century. Its craftsmanship is unveiled through meticulous aging, featuring a 21-day marrying process that draws the best from American Oak casks, infusing oak, and vanilla flavors. Complemented by first-fill ex-Sherry casks, delightful notes of dried fruits emerge. This careful process retains delicate and fresh flavors, avoiding harsh chill filtration. Described as “delicate, refined, and refreshing,” Cutty Sark invites enthusiasts to savor a century of adventure in every sip.

Cutty Sark Whisky, renowned for its lighter taste, vibrant color, and fresh personality, caters to those who value exceptional craftsmanship. Carefully blended from the finest single malts and top-quality grain whiskies, it boasts a distinct character that’s clean, well-balanced, and lively. The harmonious fusion of vanilla and citrus fruits provides a refreshing and flavorful experience. With its presence in nearly 20 states across India, Cutty Sark promises a delightful and vibrant taste, making it a timeless choice for whisky lovers and newcomers alike.